What's the range of the SIERRA?

The range of the SIERRA ECHO varies significantly based on driving conditions and style. It's important to understand that as an EV performance-first vehicle, the range is highly dependent on the level of performance you demand from the ECHO. For instance, a day of intensive track driving will consume more energy compared to spirited driving on regular roadways. Generally, the range of the SIERRA ECHO can be anywhere from 30 to 60 miles.

What is the charge speed/time on the ECHO?

With Level III DC fast charging, the ECHO can be charged from 0% to 100% in just 15-20 minutes. This is thanks to its compatibility with a 100kW fast charger and its 18.6kWh battery capacity. On the other hand, if you're using Level II charging, the ECHO will take approximately 2.81 hours to charge fully from 0% to 100%, given its 18.6kWh battery and 6.6kW charging rate. These options give you the flexibility to choose a charging method that best suits your schedule and accessibility to charging infrastructure.

Can the batteries be swapped?

Yes, the batteries in the SIERRA ECHO can indeed be swapped. The vehicle is designed with 4 dzus pins that securely hold the top plate, allowing quick and direct access to the batteries. While our current design doesn't support ultra-fast battery swaps in racing scenarios, a complete swap can be accomplished in about 30 minutes with two people. This design decision was made to ensure that the ECHO keeps pace with rapid advancements in EV battery technology. By allowing easy access to the batteries, we ensure that your SIERRA ECHO remains at the forefront of EV innovation, enhancing its long-term value and performance.

How do software updates work?

One of the exciting aspects of owning a SIERRA ECHO is its ability to evolve and improve over time through software updates. Since its inception in 2017, the ECHO has been designed for continuous enhancement, primarily through these updates. When a new update is available, SIERRA Innovations will notify you. These updates are easily applied using a programming cable that comes with your vehicle, and we provide simple instructions to guide you through the process. You'll be able to download and install the latest software to your ECHO via a computer. Looking ahead, we're developing an iOS app to streamline this process further, allowing for even more convenient remote updates.

Where can I get my SIERRA serviced?

Ensuring your SIERRA ECHO is expertly maintained is a priority for us. As our dealer program expands, every new location will have SIERRA Certified technicians trained to provide the highest level of service for your vehicle. If you need service or maintenance, please contact us at, and a member of our team will assist you in locating the nearest service center. Additionally, for those who prefer to handle some aspects of vehicle maintenance themselves, we offer direct purchase and shipping of parts through our SIERRA ONE marketplace. To further support your maintenance needs, we are developing an online course, free of charge, that will offer a wealth of troubleshooting tips and tricks tailored specifically for your ECHO.

Are there any options to finance my SIERRA?

Absolutely! We understand that purchasing a SIERRA ECHO is a significant investment in your driving passion. To support this, we offer financing options to make the process smoother and more accessible. By choosing to finance your SIERRA ECHO, you can spread the cost over time, making it easier to manage your budget while enjoying the unparalleled driving experience our vehicle offers. For more information about our financing options and to find a plan that best suits your needs, please reach out to our sales team at

When can I expect delivery after I place my deposit?

Once you've placed your deposit for the SIERRA ECHO, you're one step closer to owning a thrilling driving experience. You will receive an email from one of our team members outlining the general timeline for your car's build and delivery process. We estimate that it may take between 4 to 8 weeks for your SIERRA ECHO to be meticulously crafted and delivered to you. This timeline ensures that every aspect of your vehicle meets our high standards of quality and performance. We appreciate your patience and are committed to personally keeping you informed every step of the way as we prepare your SIERRA ECHO for its journey to you.

Is a SIERRA street legal?

The SIERRA ECHO offers the exhilarating performance of a race-ready vehicle with the potential for street legality, depending on where you plan to drive it. In many states, the ECHO can be registered as a UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) or as a Kit Car. Please note that our vehicles are not street legal right out of the box. However, we provide a 'street-legal' kit which can be applied to the ECHO to make it compliant with general street-legal standards. Be aware that some states may have additional requirements, such as fenders, which we also offer through our SIERRA ONE Marketplace. We recommend checking with your local regulations to understand the specific requirements for making your ECHO street legal in your state.

Where can I drive my SIERRA?

The SIERRA ECHO is a marvel of multi-terrain mastery, engineered to excel in diverse environments without compromise. Whether you're racing against Porsches on a track or navigating through desert terrains, the ECHO stands out as a versatile performer. Its unique design allows for seamless transition between various terrains just by changing the tires. You can confidently take your ECHO for exhilarating drives on a wide range of surfaces, including rally tracks, asphalt circuits, drift pads, short courses, desert trails, dunes, snowy landscapes, icy lakebeds, and more. The ECHO is not just a car; it's your passport to adventure on any terrain!