Sierra is building a new culture in motorsports — by introducing a truly innovative platform that welcomes drivers of all disciplines, from professional, to up-and-comers, and beginners alike — we are dedicated to putting spectators into the cockpit with seriously fun vehicles that call out to the inner drive of every enthusiast. Come as you are and get ready to experience Driving Progression.


Founded by racing professionals and passionate motorsports enthusiasts, Sierra has dedicated to pushing the limits of human potential on four wheels. Building race-ready vehicles that perform way above their weight class, and setting records along the way, Sierra continues to develop and innovate, and build a community of drivers everywhere we go!


Drive with Passion, Embrace Excellence.

We are driven by a profound passion for high-performance driving experiences, dedicated to advancing the thrill and joy that electric vehicles bring. We believe in the power of digitally-powered experiences to enrich lives and connect enthusiasts through the exhilaration of achieving driving excellence. Our commitment is to empower driving enthusiasts to embrace the electric revolution and redefine their journey into motorsports.

Adapt to Thrive: Master Every Terrain.

We value versatility as a cornerstone of our brand, recognizing the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of driving. Sierra is committed to providing vehicles that seamlessly transition across diverse terrains, embodying the adaptability that ensures our enthusiasts can express their passion, and master any driving discipline effortlessly.

Connect, Innovate, Electrify Together.

Our commitment extends beyond individual driving experiences; we believe in the power of a community united by a love for electrifying performance. Sierra is dedicated to fostering a community-driven culture, where innovation is inspired by the collective passion and shared joy of our enthusiasts. We strive to create an environment where innovative driving experiences, whether Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or in real life, are a fresh opportunity for enthusiasts to connect and inspire one another.

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